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Smart solutions are at the core of all that we do at dbrige. Our main goal is finding smart ways of engaging users that will help reduce churn and increase customer retention.

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Engagement Automation

We are moving ahead and away from the conventional dropdown marketing automation tools. At dbrige, we provide AI powered and AR enabled marketing stack with hyper-personalisation that the notification would feel like a personal message to the user.

Gaming & Gamification

Console gaming without any wires or console. Convert mobile phone into a gamepad and play multi-player games on smart TV or computer screen. Plug-in hyper-casual games on the Website or App and also gamify the core product offering. We call it Gaming as a Service (Gaas).

Loyalty & Rewards

Advertising brings in a Sale, Loyalty creates a Customer. Turn first time buyers into frequent buyers with our Loyalty & Rewards solution across channels - PoS, Website & App that seamlessly integrates with the existing login mechanism of the app/website to give a smooth experience to the user.

Embedded Finance

Future-proofing any company and brand by enabling them to offer plug-and-play-ready Financial Services directly to their customer base, without the need to acquire a banking license, build up complex technology or expertise for providing Financial Services and Products.

Feedback Management

Build better products with customer feedback. Our Feedback Management platform helps collect customer feedback, gain insights and plan roadmap on what to build next. Prioritise customer feedback for better product decisions and keep everyone engaged with product updates.

Communication Suite

Not just a customer communication service but a full fledged integrated platform. Whichever way you want to communicate with your customer, we've got you covered. Our omni channel platform offers SMS, IVR, Inbound Call, Outbound Diallers, WhatsApp, Email and Push Notification.

Find the right solution for your users.

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