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Loyalty & Rewards

Advertising brings in a Sale, Loyalty creates a Customer. Turn first time buyers into frequent buyers with our Loyalty & Rewards solution across channels - PoS, Website & App that seamlessly integrates with the existing login mechanism of the app/website to give a smooth experience to the user.

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Loyalty & Rewards Program: Products
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Loyalty Program as a Service (LPaaS)

At dbrige, Loyalty Program is not just about creating a sign-on for the users. It is much broader with a large number of possibilities both for the brand as well as the user.

Our loyalty program is not just a program but a full-fledged plug and play platform that could be integrated on any App and/or Website. The dbrige Loyalty Program Platform is an integrated platform that brings together Content, Gamification and Redemption. It also offers virtual currency that can be converted to real currency.

Users can be rewarded points/coins through multiple activities like brand related trivia, AVs and more, which relate back to the brand. 

Loyalty & Rewards Program: Headliner

Key Features

The Loyalty Program Platform come loaded with the listed features:

  • Content driven marketing

  • Rewards based marketing

  • Trivia based marketing

  • Market research

  • Customer feedback

  • Data privacy

  • Redemption management

  • Offer management

  • Assured gratification

Loyalty & Rewards Program: Headliner


  • Increased DAU/MAU

  • Higher engagement

  • Better retention

  • Brand value

  • Lower churn

Loyalty & Rewards Program: Headliner

Know more about our Loyalty & Rewards program.

Loyalty & Rewards Program: Headliner
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