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Gaming & Gamification

Console gaming without any wires or console. Convert mobile phone into a gamepad and play multi-player games on smart TV or computer screen. Plug-in hyper-casual games on the Website or App and also gamify the core product offering. We call it Gaming as a Service (Gaas).

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Gamification as a Service (Gaas)

At dbrige, Gamification is not just about integrating a few games onto your App or website. We are transforming the meaning of Gamification. At dbrige Gamification is about using games as an engagement tool by integrating it with the App's or Website's core offering.

Welcome to a new world of Gamification where Gamification is a full-fledged platform offered as a Service.

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Key Features

The dbrige Gamification platform offers highly advanced and self-service GUI, which offer a wide variety of features:

  • Create multiple games instances

  • Create variety of games

  • Select start and end date

  • Define game rules 

  • Multiple question type support for Trivia

  • Option to choose game play entry fee

  • Choose rewards options

  • Set the limit of max gratification

  • Tournament option for Trivia Games

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  • User acquisition

  • DAU/MAU growth

  • Branding

  • Customer education

  • Customer feedback

  • Revenue enhancement

  • Additional revenue stream

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Know more about our Gamification platform.

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