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Feedback Management

Build better products with customer feedback. Our Feedback Management platform helps collect customer feedback, gain insights and plan roadmap on what to build next. Prioritise customer feedback for better product decisions and keep everyone engaged with product updates.

Taking Notes
MarTech Management: Products

Humanizing automation with you, all the way

Marketing tools have automated the marketing activities but even the automation requires human intervention. The logic configuration on the tools and designing the schemas could eat up a lot of your bandwidth. Our team of experts save this bandwidth for you.


MarTech Management covers implementation, day-to-day operations, technical maintenance, migration, integration, version upgrades, license and performance optimization of MarTech platforms.

Our team of MarTech experts will work with you to evaluate, choose, implement, and optimize your existing platforms, managing upgrades, migrations, tech support and integrations, so you can see real, demonstrable business results. We work with you right from selection and implementation to continuous optimization and support.

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Supported Platforms

Whatever your Marketing stack be, at dbrige we provide managed services support for all of them. Broadly, all marketing tools falling under the following categories:

  • Content marketing tools

  • Rich media tools

  • Social media tools

  • Marketing automation platforms

  • Advertising platforms

  • Sales enablement tools

  • Data and analytics platform

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dbrige MarTech Management service brings you the listed benefits:

  • Blended cost for minimal payout - the cost of tool licensing, hardware and people to manage the platforms are all blended resulting in significantly lesser pay-out

  • Dedicated team for creating and auditing events schema - a team that will work with your product team for supporting marketing needs

  • MarTech specialists for the right marketing impact - our team of experts very well know how to implement and integrate technologies that actually make marketers' life easy

Know more about our MarTech Management services.

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